Why do you need them?

Early-stage SaaS founders struggle when it comes to hiring experienced developers, as the recruitment process is lengthy and comes with hefty costs. And in remote settings there’s no way to ensure that the dev is fully involved and not shadowing work. 

Smart founders save time on hiring experienced engineers and have an authority over them to ensure quality of work and timely delivery. 

Hiring augmented dev staff is the key to save time and money by choosing to go with Software Engineers primarily experienced in B2B SaaS.

What do they do?

UI development

Designs new screen layouts based on creative direction from & discussions with the Customer.


Implement CI/CD pipelines, deploy applications to cloud and containerise production applications.


SaaS application integration, involves connecting a SaaS application with another cloud-based app or an on-premise software via application programming interfaces (APIs).

Front-end web development

Implement web application features, Work on requested changes, bug-fixes, integrate UI designs.

Mobile app development

Define app goals, analyse initial users experiences, design a user interface, designing a Minimum Viable Product.

Backend development

Implement server-side architecture for the web applications & connect (database, backend business logic).

API development

Custom API development services helps businesses cooperation of their custom apps with each other.

How do you get started?

Starting with a discovery call, you tell us about your product and where you need help.

We get back with the perfect candidate for the role.

You finalise the contract and onboard the resource.

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