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Maybe you’re wondering if video marketing really has the potential to provide a solid return on
investment for your business. With so many companies leveraging video to appeal to online
consumers, now is the time for your small business to get in on the action! Here’s how to save
money during video production, get eyes on your marketing videos, and supercharge your
content marketing strategy with video elements.

The Basics of Video Marketing
Video marketing refers to any video that promotes one of your company’s products or services
or serves as part of a larger brand-building strategy. What advantages does video marketing
give you? Alcor states that small businesses, in particular, can benefit from video marketing
because it is mobile-friendly – plus, it allows you to expand your online presence and increase
your social media engagement.

The Power of Video in Content Marketing
 When it comes to video marketing, you can go further than simply sharing videos with a short
caption. You can combine video and content marketing to better educate your customers.
Remember, if you’re producing a video as part of your broader content marketing strategy, you
need to align it with your audience’s pain points. For deeper explanations of the relationship
between video and content marketing, explore online resources like

Find Your Target Audience
When you’re producing videos for marketing purposes, you need to craft them in a way that will
appeal to your target audience. To determine your target audience for brand videos, Lemonlight
recommends defining your company’s buyer persona, thinking about which problems they turn
to your company to solve, and then considering which aesthetic choices would appeal to them
in videos.

Share Your Videos on Social Media
How can you ensure that your target audience actually sees your marketing videos? Share
them across the right social media channels! You’ll definitely want to publish your videos on
YouTube and Facebook. You can even include a marketing video in your listing on Google’s
business directory. This can boost your company’s reputation and provide an engaging visual
representation of your business.

Save Money With Stock Footage
What if you’re interested in video marketing but you’re concerned about the costs? Experiment
with shooting on your smartphone rather than buying a camera and using royalty-free music for
background sound.
You don’t necessarily need to produce your own unique footage, either – instead, consider using
royalty-free stock footage. By signing up for a subscription to a stock video collection, you can
choose high-quality HD video footage online for a reasonable price.

Cultivate a Sleek Aesthetic
If this is your first foray into video marketing, you may be worried that the final products won’t
look very professional. How can you create videos that look polished and sleek? PlayPlay
recommends testing out your lighting display, writing and editing your scripts in advance so that
the narration flows well, using a clean background, and setting your camera up on a tripod – you
don’t want your footage to look shaky! As you edit your video, you can also add fun transitions
to smooth over cuts.
Video marketing can bring your products and services to life for your audience. If you’ve
hesitated to invest in video marketing, today is the day to start exploring its potential for your
 business. With these guidelines, you’ll be able to bring video marketing into your content
strategy, direct your videos to the right audience, and even lower costs by using stock footage.
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